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Activity Report 2022-2023


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As founders of Chance4all we are extremely proud to present this Activity Report, summarising the progress of our organisation since its registration, back in September 2017, till today, end of 2021. Compiling this report has requested us to detail and document the stepping stones of this journey, year after year, and to compress them in a succinct manner. From the three initially sponsored students, working from our homes in Lusaka, to the 40 students of today, with 5 local staff, an established office and a bright Space4all open to community activities. The last two years, especially, have been a resilience test for Chance4all, going through COVID-19 restrictions and learning how to work cooperatively with the Directors spread across three continents.  

This travel through time has allowed us to measure and value even more the accomplishments attained and has given us a new strength to think bigger for the future, where the word “impossible” has no place. Nothing, strictly nothing would have been possible without the support of the sponsors and donors who believed in us since the very beginning. We hope your trust has been re-compensated, and we count on your continuous support for our next endeavours.

Sincerely, Chance4all Directors

Read the full report here.

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