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Chance4all is a Lusaka-based registered Non-Profit Entity and NGO under Zambian law (Reg. No. 120170007456).

Our aim is to be the facilitators between out of school children with educational needs and sponsors willing to help them. With that purpose we have set up a simple framework to identify genuine cases of children outside the schooling system, we match them with suitable sponsors, and make sure funds are properly utilized.

The specific objectives and purpose of this organization shall be:

  1. Identify vulnerable children in need of support for continuing or starting their education and estimate their financial needs;

  2. Approach parents or guardians for an interview to obtain permission and guarantee of family support for children enrollment;

  3.  Create a network of suitable schools by reputation but also location;

  4.  Identify suitable sponsors in or out of Zambia willing to cover basic education costs for identified children;

  5.  Find suitable schools and complete enrollment process;

  6.  Purchase basic school material (School uniform and shoes, school books, school bag, etc.);

  7.  Monitor regularly school reports and students’ attendance;

  8.  Provide twice a year information updates to sponsors;

  9.  Mentor and guide students when needed.

We also believe in the power of engaging communities in their own development process. Because of this we will carry out sensitization and educational activities on key issues affecting children and youth in their communities, including sexual and reproductive health rights, gender equity and climate education.

Watch this video to learn more about our organization

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