Chance4all currently has 40 students enrolled in the sponsoring program.

Gradually, we would like to introduce them to you here on this page.  

Please kindly note that the names and some identifying details in these portraits have been changed to protect the privacy of our sponsored students.


Miriam, 19 years

Miriam joined Chance4all in early 2018, among one of the first students in our sponsoring program. What she likes most about the program is the valuable tuition support, the friendships she made and the fact that she is able to practice her English. Most importantly, she can now go to school freely, without having to worry about paying school fees. Thanks to the help of Chance4all she has especially improved in the subjects of Mathematics and Science. Miriam's dream is to study Journalism or teaching, once she has passed her Grade 12 exams at Bauleni Special Needs Project. We wish Miriam the very best in her future endeavors and are curious to follow her progress! 

David, 13 years

David joined Chance4all in late 2018 and has incredibly grown both academically and personally ever since. He was a very shy boy when we first met him, but now it is a true pleasure to see him play with his new friends and how he is progressing in his school performance. His favourite subject is English and his dream is to one day help vulnerable children like Chance4all does. This might become possible by achieving his big dream to become president! Dream big dear David, we have your back!

When a picture is worth a thousand words...


The picture on the left shows a self-portrait of David shortly after he joined our sponsoring program. The second one is the most recent self-portrait. Only 12 months separate these 2 pictures and it strongly shows the impact of our support on the lives of the children. A true success story! 

Get a glimpse of Natasha's talent (front left) by watching this video.  

Natasha, 19 years

Back in 2017, Chance4all started by enrolling back into school three students from Bauleni, one of which was Natasha. As her mother has recently lost her job due to COVID-19 she is even more grateful for being sponsored. What she likes about the program, is not only the opportunity to get educated, but that children are accepted as who they are and that we are spending time with them outside of school, e.g. like taking them to the movies. The mentoring sessions with one of our loyal Chance4all supporter, have empowered her and strongly fostered her self-confidence. Natasha's dream is to become a doctor and dance choreographer, whereas for the latter we already got to see her immense talent.

What are the students thankful for?