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Chance4all currently has 40 students enrolled in the sponsoring program. Including 2 engaged in tertiary programs.


Gradually, we would like to introduce them to you here on this page.  Read previous portraits here.

Please kindly note that the names and some identifying details in these portraits have been changed to protect the privacy of our sponsored students.

Mirriam (October 2023).jpeg

Rodah, 19 years

Rodah joined chance4all in 2017, at the age of 13 years, shortly after coming to Lusaka to live with her aunt and uncle after her parents passed away. Rodah never attended school before; so at the age of 13 years old she was enrolled in Bauleni Special Needs school in grade 3. Since 2017, Rodah has thrived as one of Chance4all best performing students, as observed in her primary final exams at grade 7. Rodah consistently obtains excellent results, mostly in subjects such as Mathematics, science and English Language. Recently, she was honoured as the most outstanding performing student in her class. Rodah aspires to continue her education and become a nurse in the near future. We couldn't be prouder of Rodah for overcoming her difficult background and being so successful in school through hard work and determination.  

Nathan 2023.jpg

David, 15 years

David joined Chance4All in 2017 at age 9. David has overcome circumstances of bereavement and an absent parental figure. Through Chance4All sponsorship programme, he has had a privilege to be enrolled in School and he is currently in his sixth grade at Bauleni Special Needs School. As part of the Chance4All programme, counselling services are provided which have been beneficial for David. His performance at school thus far has been excellent. He aspires to be president of the republic of Zambia.

Barbara 2023_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Florence, 17 years

Florence joined Chance4all in late 2017, she was one of the first students in the Chance4all sponsoring program. What she likes most about the program is that she has a chance to get educated, make new friends, and improve her school performance, thanks to the weekly tuition support. She regularly attends our tuition sessions and is eager to learn and has especially improved her grades in science and mathematics. Due to the financial constraints of Florence’s parents, she could not go to school when her family moved from Livingstone to Lusaka a few years ago and missed three years of school. Now Florence is in Grade 8 and has fully caught up on what she missed during her absence. Her dream is to become a pilot and she wants to help other children the way Chance4all does, for example by building up an orphanage in Zambia. Thank you, Florence, for always bringing a smile to Chance4all and sharing your cheerful personality with us. 

Mirriam Chisha Grade 11 2023.jpg

Esther, 17 years

Esther joined Chance4all in late 2017, like Florence, she was one of the first students in the Chance4all sponsoring program. What she likes most about the program is that vulnerable children receive a chance for education and their lives can improve. Thanks to the support of Chance4all, Esther has grown both personally and academically. She has become an outgoing girl who now confidently interacts in English and isn't shy anymore to talk in front of people. Her dream is to become a lawyer and she wants to help vulnerable children the way Chance4all and Bauleni Special Need Project do. So why not do it together with your friend Florence and start an orphanage? We wish you all the best Esther and are happy to be able to follow your journey.

Nurse Evelyn.jpeg

Natasha, 21 years

Back in 2017, Chance4all started by enrolling back into school three students from Bauleni, one of which was Natasha. As her mother lost her job during COVID-19 she was even more grateful for being sponsored. What she likes about the program, is not only the opportunity to get educated, but that children are accepted as who they are and that we are spending time with them outside of school, e.g. like taking them to the movies. The mentoring sessions with one of our loyal Chance4all supporter, have empowered her and strongly fostered her self-confidence. In December 2022, Natasha graduated high school and is now realizing her dream of becoming a nurse. She is attending her second year of nursing school under the new chance4all tertiary program.  She also wants to be a dance choreographer, and we already got to see her immense talent see video below. 

Get a glimpse of Natasha's talent (front left) by watching this video.  

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