We believe that the Right to Education is a basic and universal human right, and that no child should ever be prevented from access to it. We know that Zambian Government is undertaking commendable initiatives in this regard, some of them with the financial support of international donors and under the auspices of UN initiatives. Still every morning 800,000 Zambian children who are supposed to be in school, do mainly poorly paid jobs or simply stay  home instead of going to school. Every morning a door to a better future, a break from the cycle of poverty, closes a bit more for them.


We have started with three students from Bauleni compound under this scheme (from Primary to Secondary Education), and Chance4all has now helped 14 children to go back to school. We are screening for additional students, jointly with the NGO In&Out of the Ghetto, Appleseed and other schools, to benefit from our Secondary Education Sponsorship Scheme in 2018.

Together with your help, our medium-term objective is to expand our Sponsorship Scheme first to other low-income compounds in Lusaka, then to other areas of Zambia where there are high incidences of out of school children and reach as many students as we can sponsor. Our modus operandi is to cooperate with already existing community centres, local schools and administrations, in order to identify the neediest children who are eligible under our Sponsorship Scheme. Our long-term dream is to not be needed anymore. Our long-term dream is that the children of today are able to build a country where every child, boy or girl, wakes up every morning to join a school class with books under the arm and aspire to realise their dreams, whatever they may be.

Above and below are the children who have been sponsored and some whom needs to be sponsored. In their own words why they should be sponsored. Sponsors will receive detailed profil of the child with a picture. We also commit to follow attendance and school reports and to share these results with each sponsor.