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Thank you for wishing to help!!


There are several ways you can contribute to Chance4all project.

  • You can become the Sponsor of an individual child, and forever change his or her life by covering yearly education expenses for 120 USD to 300 USD per year (depending on the School grade). If you decide to go this path, you will receive pictures and personal details of your sponsored child, as well as regular school reports to verify his / her progress. Click on become a sponsor for more details, or send us a message with subject: sponsorship and you will receive all information.

  • You can make a one-off or a permanent donation to our cause. Individual donations will be integrated in the Chance4all reserve funds and will be used to cover unexpected expenses such as: tutoring fees; damaged school equipment, bridging costs of school years when a sponsor decides to stop his/her funding, school snacks for children found in deficit nutrition status. To give you a better idea of how much you can achieve even through a small donation we have made donation packs of 30, 50, 60, and 75USD, but no amount is too small! Click on Donate for more details, or send us a message with subject: donation, and you will receive all information.

  • You can become a volunteer in our organisation. Even if we are a young organisation, we can already foresee that we will need your hands in the near future, first and foremost in our fundraising efforts. If you want to devote some time to our cause, please send us a message with subject: volunteering.

  • You have not decided yet how, but you would like to remain tuned and keep hearing from us, receive our newsletters and fund-raising alerts. Please send us a message with subject: newsletters, or simply like and follow us in Facebook at Chance4all.